I offer a wide variety of companionship! I am most in my element as the bubbly, passionate, kinky tattooed bombshell next door that I am. I truly enjoy my time with you, and want you to feel at home in my arms! It isn't hard to provide a powerful girlfriend experience when I am courted by kind, respectful gentlemen. If you're looking for more of a no-kissing, porn star, all out romp, look no further. I've got your number! Or there's always a wonderful blend of the two, where we play like there's no tomorrow and then fall into a wonderful cuddle. 

I do have a darker side, if you are of that disposition. I have experience as a Dominatrix, but not your typical Domme! I love to giggle and play through my time with you, leading you through a sensational experience that will check off all your boxes and have you begging me to stop... or not stop! (Please note that any Domination session will incur an additional fee starting at $50/hr) I specialize in feminist sissy makeovers, foot play, p-spot experimentation, and bi-curiosity. I am a natural born switch and am open to submissive sessions as well with friends I've seen more than once!

I also love a fun thoughtful roleplay! There's always the old standbys such as secretary, cheerleader, nurse, but why not color outside the lines a bit? A 1950's damsel in distress coming to your detective agency? A spy sent to get information out of you, by any means necessary? Cheating girlfriend who needs a lesson? Any dream will do!




JESUS how big are those things? 

It depends deeply on the bra manufacturer but 42K is the basic estimate. I go to specialized boutiques for my bras! 


Would you see a person like me?

YES! I am open to all peoples, bodies, and genders. I do not discriminate based on race, class, gender, and I have a special place in my heart for clients with disabilities. As long as you are a gentleman in your communication, we will have a lovely time. I adore spending time with women, people on the LGBTQ spectrum, and couples!


How can I be the best client ever?

Over all, be respectful! Please come either freshly showered or ready to have me wash your back in mine. I never wear perfume during our time together (unless you request) and ask that you try to refrain from being overly scented. Tips are never expected but always wildly appreciated!


Oooh tips! What kind of things do you like?

So glad you asked! I love whiskey, and I love trying new kinds. I love Macallan 12 (but will settle for 18 or older if you insist!), Laphroaig, and Jameson is always a decent standby. I love fresh roses and hydrangeas. Ladurée is my favorite place on earth and the rose or Marie Antionette macarons are my favorites, and I adore their candles as well. I wear Florabotanica by Ballenciaga and Chanel Mademoiselle (the original) for perfumes (but never with you, unless you ask!). I would advise against bringing clothes as presents as my body is not easy to shop for, but I love gift cards! And when all else fails, plain old cash is wonderful as well!


Ok but what if you're a psycho?

I have wonderful reviews on TNAboard from many gentlemen with exquisite taste, who will all sing praises about me! Any information you give me is 100% discreet and private. I never have and never will divulge any of your secrets for any reason.


A deposit?? But what if you're a scammer?

I'd be pretty silly to spend this much time luring you in just to scam you. A small deposit ensures our time together, and that I will be available at the exact moment you desire! Plus, if you book in advance with a deposit, you get a discount! How cool is that???


What if I have to cancel?

Things happen, and I'm very understanding! If it's before 24 hours of our session, your deposit will be held towards your makeup session! If it's within 24 hours, sorry, the deposit will be forfeited. I am a low volume provider and likely turned down other gents to make the day special just for you. If it's within 12 hours, I will expect a fee of 50% of the initial session charge. It's just cruel to deprive another man of time with me!


Alright, I'm ready! How do I contact you?


Emailing me at meetgenevievelafleur@gmail.com is the best way to become acquainted with me. I'll make it this easy for you:


"Hi! My name is XXX and I would love to inquire about spending some time with you! Might you be available at THIS DAY at THIS TIME? I enjoy (insert stuff you enjoy), and I really like (give me a good compliment). I have seen providers before, and here are two references for you // I have not seen a provider before, can we do alternate screening?

Thank you, you're gorgeous!